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Aug 29th, 2019

Minnesota State Fair

Our State Fair is a great State Fair, especially when it's only $10 on Senior Day!

Aug 30th, 2019

Air Museum Tour and Lunch at Lions Tap

Come join us for a guided tour of the closest air museum to Village Shores! Learn about the collection of great aircraft, as well as the history of Flying Cloud!!  Lunch at the Lion's Tap afterwards! How's...

Aug 30th, 2019

Tour Flying Cloud Air Museum

Come experience the amazing vintage planes that helped us win againt tyranny!  Let't have lunch at the Lion's Tap afterwards!

Sep 4th, 2019

"What Ever Happened to Amelia Erhardt?"

Learn about the disappearance of America' most imfamous pilot!  Hear historian Rob Ellos and his theories on what happened on that fateful trip.