Oct 1st, 2019

Songs and Scenes with Tim and Kathy Ray

Come get a taste of life in a small Midwestern Minnesota with "Songs and Scenes of Minnesota" with Tim and Kathy Ray!  These two performers give us an up close depiction iof life on a farm just outisde of a...

Sep 27th, 2019

Birthday Party for September Birthdays

Join us as we celebrate September birthdays with music by the Minneapolis Norwegian Glee Club!  

Sep 26th, 2019

Al and Alma's Lake Minnetonka Cruise

We are so excited to go on another wonderful boat cruise, this time around Lake Minnetonka!  Al and Alma's have a wonderful lunch cruise that leaves the port of Excelsior.  We will be joined by other Silvercrest...

Sep 17th, 2019

An Evening with Bobby Van Deusen

Bobby Van Deusen is a highly recognized entertainer and recording artist.  His virtuositic piano playing is unforgettable!  Please join us for an amazing evening of music!

Sep 13th, 2019

"A Walk for Alzheimer's"

Come join the fight against Alzheimer's Disease with a "Walk for Alzheimer's", an event that takes place at our sister facility, Park Shores!  There will be numerous drawings for raffle prizes, and a...

Sep 12th, 2019

Fort Snelling Bus Tour

We will be offering a guided bus tour of Fort Snelling, both the Upper and Lower posts, hosted by a yet to be determined period garb clad re-enactor! How exciting!  Afterwards, we will be offering an optional lunch...

Sep 5th, 2019

Minnesota China Friendship Garden

We are taking a trip to St. Paul to Lake Phalen to visit the Ghina Friendship Garden!  Linda Mealy-Lohmann, Director, will be giving us a guided tour. Afterwards, we will dine at a local Chinese eatery.  Come...

Sep 4th, 2019

"What Ever Happened to Amelia Erhardt?"

Learn about the disappearance of America' most imfamous pilot!  Hear historian Rob Ellos and his theories on what happened on that fateful trip.

Aug 30th, 2019

Tour Flying Cloud Air Museum

Come experience the amazing vintage planes that helped us win againt tyranny!  Let't have lunch at the Lion's Tap afterwards!

Aug 30th, 2019

Air Museum Tour and Lunch at Lions Tap

Come join us for a guided tour of the closest air museum to Village Shores! Learn about the collection of great aircraft, as well as the history of Flying Cloud!!  Lunch at the Lion's Tap afterwards! How's...