Dec 11th, 2017

Noteable Singers Holiday Concert

Come hear the amazing voices of the Noteable Singers as we enjoy a lovely holiday concert!  This event takes place in the Dining Room.

Nov 17th, 2017

Five Tech-Savvy Gifts for Seniors

Technology these days can be fun. If you can think of a problem, someone has probably invented a solution.


There’s no shortage of interesting products. That holds true...

Oct 31st, 2017

Get to Know New Village Shores Bistro Chef Elle Vaysberg

You may have noticed that Village Shores now has its own restaurant!


It’s called “The Bistro” and at the helm is our new Bistro Chef, Elle Vaysberg. There have been heaps of praise...

Oct 12th, 2017

D'Alta Jewelry Sales

Diana from D'Alta Jewelry Sales brings her hand crafted and factory made pieces to offer for sale to iour residents.  Always great quality and affordable, Diana and her team are a real treat to have come and sell...

Aug 30th, 2017

Happy Hour with music by Pete Capello

Come enjoy adult refreshments, camraderie, and good times as we celebrate the month of August with a Happy Hour featuring music by Pate Capello!  Pete plays the keyboards and is very enjoyable to listen to.  The...

Aug 29th, 2017

Tell Your Story w/ Kristin!

Kristin from LifeSprk once again leads an exciting group of folks enjoying each other's company and telling strories about their fascinating adventures and misadventures.   Starts at 3:00 in the Main Dining Room

Aug 14th, 2017

Bethel Rock Choir Concert

Bethel's Rock is a church in Minneapolis who have a wonderful choir.  For Service Week, they are coming to Village Shores to perform a concert and activity group engaging to our residents.  Come enjoy some great...

Jun 27th, 2017

Resident Spotlight: Get to Know June Berglund

June Berglund was born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and spent her early days of her youth in nearby Alma, a picturesque little town on the east bank of the Mississippi River. She was born to Clyde and Marguerite...

Apr 20th, 2017

How to Garden in a Small Space

Whether you have a seasoned green thumb or are looking to care for your very first plant, the practice of gardening can be a relaxing and rewarding experience. Having indoor plants increases air quality and...

Mar 17th, 2017

Upcoming Renovations for Village Shores Senior Community

Village Shores Senior Community is undergoing a $20 million renovation to update its apartments and amenities.


For nearly 30 years, Village Shores has provided residents...