Aug 29th, 2019

Minnesota State Fair

Our State Fair is a great State Fair, especially when it's only $10 on Senior Day!

Aug 6th, 2019

National Coffee Breakout!

Join us once again for this amazing outdoor event featuring live music and Laura's amazing donuts!

Jul 19th, 2019

Birthday Party for July Birthdays

Come get down and boogie with the Jazz sounds of "Age Nothin' But a Number" and celebrate the residents and staff with July birthdays!


Jul 18th, 2019

Full Bloom "Touring our Nations Capital"

Join the folks at Full Bloom for a fun and interesting look at Washington D.C.! Always interesting and engaging, Full Bloom never disappoints.  

Jul 17th, 2019

Stan Tekiela Presents: Intriguing Owls

Stan Teliela is a renown nature photographer and lecturer.  Come hear him present on the first of a myriad of subjects he is knowledgable of; Intriguing Owls!

Jul 11th, 2019

Swedish Institute Viking Exhibit

The American Swedish Institute has an interesting display on the Vikings, or Norsemen as they are sometimes known.  Come exnjoy this interesting tour, as well as a delicious Mexican lunch at Pancho Villas!

Jul 3rd, 2019

Bert Sisler and his Amazing Flying Machines

Village Shores resident Bert Sisler is a famed pilot and designer of expeimental aircraft! Come learn more about this amazing resident!

Jun 28th, 2019

Village Shores Craft, Collections, and Hobby Presentation

So many collecters and handicrafters live at Village Shores! Come see some of their work at this symposium! Held on the 1st floor Lounge at 2:00 p.m.

Jun 27th, 2019

Full Bloom "Grand Ol Opry"

Come hear Martha from Full Bloom present on "The Grand Ole Opry", one of America's most important and iconic music venues!


Jun 25th, 2019

Political Discussion Group

Come talk about the latest happenings in Washington, St. Paul, and abroad!