The Importance of Health and Wellness Programming in Senior Living Communities

Feb 13th, 2019

Health and wellness programs are very important in Senior Living facilities. Keeping physical fitness enhances a person’s quality of life through body, mind, and spirit.


Village Shores Senior Community values Health and Wellness. We realize how important regular exercise is to physical health, especially in seniors. It increases a person’s range of motion, strength, balance, and circulation, which can reduce pain and slow the aging process. It can also reduce the risk of falls, heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure.



Our new Wellness Center features state-of-the-art Technogym fitness equipment and cloud technology to plan and track your activity. Our full-time wellness staff will orient you to the wellness center and develop personalized exercise plans that fit your physical needs and abilities.


The Club at Village Shores offers a variety of wellness programs to our residents. You can find our most recent classes scheduled on the Club Calendar.



Some of our current (February 2019) classes include:



Perform exercises to improve balance. This is a mostly standing class.

Get Strong!

This class consists of basic strength and range of motion exercises. It includes a mix of standing and seated maneuvers.

Seated Dance

Join us in combining exercises with some of your favorite, upbeat songs!

Loose & Limber

An approachable class with a variety of movements to improve coordination, strength, and mobility. This is a seated class.

Easy Flow

Relax with a progression of sequenced moves using deep breathing and slow, flowing body movements. Most of this class is seated.


Simple and fun exercises focused on loosening the joints. This class is mostly seated.

Seated Polka

Tap your feet and musical sticks to upbeat Polka tunes! This is a seated class.


We also have BeFit times available for residents to meet with one of our health specialists to assist with workouts.



Now Open to the Public!

Not only do we have memberships for each of our residents, but Village Shores also offers community memberships for seniors 55 and older. Come in for your free assessment, orientation, and a free athletic t-shirt! Work on your strength, balance, and flexibility and join any of our classes throughout the week.


Health and wellness programming is important for senior living residents and community members. We do our very best to keep our residents active and moving!


Discover more by contacting Village Shores Senior Living.