Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

May 27th, 2019

Spring is the perfect time to clean house as you are finally able to open the windows to fill your home with freshness! However, the annual spring clean can get more difficult as you age. Here are some great spring cleaning tips for seniors.


1. Use Extenders When Cleaning

Although you might prefer to scrub the floors on your hands and knees, your back probably doesn’t. High quality mops with extension arms can take the work out of cleaning the floors and do just as good of a job! Also be sure to use extenders when dusting to clean on top of the kitchen cupboards, on top of door frames, on top of ceiling fans, and other high up places. There’s no need to risk injury climbing a ladder!


2. Toss Expired Occupants

The medicine cabinet can become a home to numerous medications that haven’t been used in ages and are even potentially dangerous if expired. It is wise to sort through your medicine cabinet once a year in the spring to rid your home of these expired occupants. Another culprit: the fridge! Throw away expired condiments and forgotten ingredients left in the back of the fridge to initiate a deep clean.


3. Tune Up the Appliances the Easy Way

Each spring your appliances should all be serviced. The best way to do this is to hire a heating and plumbing company who can do it all for one fee! The water heater should be flushed. The dryer vent and hosing should be thoroughly cleaned. The air conditioning and furnace should get a tune up and possibly ducts cleaned. With many of these tasks being cumbersome and messy, it is wise to hire it out!


4. Washing the Windows

It is a common task to clean the windows when spring arrives so you can enjoy light streaming into your home. Here are a couple tips to take the elbow grease out of the job. Use a solution of baking soda and vinegar to clean dirt and debris out of the tracks in your window sills. It will cause a reaction that bubbles and loosens all of it up without scrubbing! Another tip: use a lint roller to clean the window screens of cobwebs and debris. It’s so easy! Lastly, use a squeegee instead of a rag to wash the windows; it leaves less streaks and is easier on your joints.


With these tips, some of the most arduous tasks of spring cleaning are made simpler for seniors!